Can Alter a Video and Personalize It for Any Number of Viewers is a generative artificial intelligence (AI) platform that lets users take a single video and dynamically change elements of a script to personalize it for any number of viewers. was founded in March 2021 by Suvrat Bhooshan and is headquartered in California. Bhooshan previously worked at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) and has published multiple papers on the subject of deep-learning.

The company positions itself as providing a way to more dynamically interact with customers without needing to record multiple videos — a method that, as a company scales, becomes impossible. With’s video personalization software, companies only need to record a video once, add “dynamic keywords” to a script, and the platform will be able to generate “hyper-customized” videos immediately.

Gan.aI says that businesses can also create personalized landing pages with the platform and deliver videos through a number of communications platforms to enable specific interactions with users and tailor call-to-actions.

“ is solving a pressing need for businesses as video becomes the go-to means in engaging users. The amount of online video people are watching has almost doubled since 2018, and an overwhelming 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. However, creating videos can often be a time-consuming process which lacks personalization when it comes to targeting a large audience,” the company says in its pitch.

The platform integrates with Shopify, Calendly, Stripe, Salesforce, and Hubspot to allow businesses to create what calls “unique shopping and payment experiences” and has built-in analytics that can provid ecompanies with granular customer insights and performance metrics.

“We’re empowering marketing teams around the world to generate a higher return on investment for video campaigns. Imagine a food delivery company being able to send a personalized video from a brand ambassador, addressing its customer by name and how they enjoyed items in their last order, or a clinic reminding a patient to book a follow-up appointment,” Bhooshan says.

“This hyper-personalization leads to much higher conversion rates vs other static forms of communications.” has just completed a $5.25 million seed funding round that is designed to help the company scale up its systems and grow quickly. No pricing information was available at the time of publication.