You Can Now Manually Adjust How Imagen AI Learns Your Editing Style

Imagen AI has added the ability to manually adjust an editor’s “Personal AI Profile,” the company’s name for the unique way that its artificial intelligence (AI) edits their photos using data from previously edited projects.

As a recap, the company’s software is capable of learning a photographer’s editing style and then applying that style to entire batches of photos in the future, reducing editing time considerably. AI Profiles require a minimum of 3,000 edited images in order to train it and up to 16,000 to “fine-tune” those results. But once that setup is completed, the software is able to take over full project edits (such as a wedding or event) in a way that it claims are better and smarter than the alternative — presets.

“Imagen’s Personal AI Profiles are better and smarter than presets because they will analyze and edit each photo individually,” the company says.

Prior to today’s update, the inner workings of Imagen’s AI were not visible to an editor prior to fine-tuning’s availability. If wholesale changes or even minor adjustments to an editing style were desired, a lot more images would need to be processed. That changes today as the company now allows editors to adjust the details of a Personal AI Profile through what it is calling the Profile Adjustments feature.

After an AI Profile is created, editors can now gain visibility into specific aspects of what the AI learned and what it will apply to future edits, allowing them to then control aspects of that learned edit manually.

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“Imagen’s Personal and Talent AI Profiles now come equipped with real-time edit controls that offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience,” the company says.

“Whether working on a personal project, editing their latest wedding, or collaborating with clients on commercial assignments, photographers can modify parameters such as color grading and contrast levels on-the-fly to achieve perfect results every time.”

“This revolutionary feature empowers photographers by providing ultimate control over images. With Profile Adjustments, photographers can have endless possibilities when it comes to crafting unique looks for clients,” Scott Wyden Kivowitz, Content and Community Manager at Imagen, adds.

“Now more than ever, photographers can customize every aspect of their edits without sacrificing speed or quality.”

The feature is now available to all users of Imagen AI.