Photographer Helps Boyfriend With Heartwarming Surprise Proposal

A professional photographer helped a boyfriend stage a heartwarming surprise proposal.

Photographer Nick Laferriere, who runs Banff Photography, helped a man perfectly pull off a surprise proposal in the picturesque location of Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada.

In a video of the special proposal, Laferriere is seen taking photos on his camera of Lake Louise, when a designated relative of the couple approaches him. The relative asks him to take a few photos of the trio as part of the plan.

Laferriere plays along with the plan and tells the trio: “You picked the right guy. I have got my camera and everything.”

The photographer then singles out the couple and tells them he can take a few shots of the two of them in the beautiful surroundings.

“I can take a couple of different variations. I have time to kill,” Laferriere tells the pair.

Laferriere instructs the couple to do a few different poses for the camera. Initially, he asks the pair to look at each other for a photograph before then requesting them to pose for a more “artsy” photo.

The photographer tells them to turn their backs to each other for the shot and step away from one another. As Lafferriere takes the photo, the boyfriend turns back toward his girlfriend and gets down on one knee with a ring in his hand.

After Lafferriere takes the shot, the girlfriend suddenly turns back to her boyfriend and is stunned to see him on one knee proposing to her. Lafferriere keeps taking photos as the boyfriend tells his girlfriend that he wants “to spend the rest of my life with you.”

She emotionally accepts his surprise proposal and goes in for an embrace with her now-fiancé as the photographer keeps shooting the romantic moment.

At the end of the video, she is seen congratulating the photographer and her partner for the incredible proposal: “You guys played that off so well.”

Lafferriere says that the boyfriend initially only planned to organize a scenic spot where he would propose to his partner. However, at the last minute, he and Lafferriere decided to orchestrate a special surprise for her.

“Last minute we decided it would be great if his family member who was with him, would ask me to take a photo. I looked like a tourist just taking photos of the mountains, which is quite common,” Lafferriere tells UpWorthy.

Lafferiere writes: “These proposals never get old and always fill my heart right up.”

Image credits: Featured photo via YouTube/Good Morning America.