Man Secretly Hires Photographer Girlfriend to Shoot Her Own Proposal

A wedding photographer who thought she had been hired to shoot a couple’s proposal was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be her own proposal.

Lauren Moffee’s friend asked her if she could help capture a couple’s engagement. But while she waited at the romantic sport, her partner Nick Maffeo appeared with the photographer’s two children.

The heartwarming video begins with Nick asking Lauren’s two kids Romeo, 8, and Theo, 6, if he had their permission to ask Lauren to marry him.

Nick then walks up the hill where Lauren is waiting. The photographer said she was in “total shock” when she spotted Nick, Romeo, and Theo walking toward her.

In fact, Lauren thought that Nick, who works in finance, was away working in Tokyo.

Nick popped the question on the Three Sixty bridge in Austin, Texas on November 10.

“I was so happy. I thought I was seeing things,” bride-to-be Lauren tells SWNS. “I was so confused as I thought he was in Tokyo.

“But, I was super excited and overwhelmed. I was just completely overwhelmed and then I saw my family and it didn’t really hit me until a couple of hours later.

“It was really overwhelming at the time. I was just so focused on him surprising me on the other side of the world – it was really special.”

Nick cut his business trip to the Far East short so he could surprise Lauren. He had planned the surprise with Lauren’s best friend and even rehearsed lines so that Lauren wouldn’t get suspicious.

“There was a lot of back and forth between myself and Lauren’s best friend,” says Nick.

“She helped me out with a lot of it. I had the idea of where and how and she had the ideas on how to organize it.

“For the planning phase I was in Singapore and I was supposed to be going to Tokyo for work but I was able to cut that part out of the trip.”

Nick encountered difficulties when his connecting flight from San Francisco to Austin got canceled meaning he had to get a flight from Frisco to Houston and drive the rest of the way to Austin.

“She is a beautiful girl, I have known her for a while, and I know what type of person she is — it just feels right,” adds Nick.

The couple is planning to get married in Mexico in December 2023.