Razer Stream Controller X is a Creative Console Powered by Loupedeck

Razer has launched the new $149 Stream Controller X, a new entry-level control deck that is designed to give streamers and content creators a single hub where they can access and control everything they need for their live streams and workflows.

The new Stream Controller X, which is $40 cheaper than the Loupdeck Live S, has 15 programmable LCD buttons on an elevated panel built in a way to make it easy and fast for users to swap between multiple programs, and profiles, for incredibly efficient multitasking while live-streaming or simply going about their daily workflow.

Design-wise, this new addition to the company’s streaming line of products features a minimalistic form factor to both save space and provide easier and faster access to the tools creatives need to enhance their day-to-day tasks.

The updated Stream Controller X is powered by Loupedeck Software to ensure compatibility across all the major streaming platforms such as OBS Studio, Twitch, Streamlabs, and Adobe Premiere Pro, all while leveraging the customizable Loupedeck UI which lets users easily install popular applications, plugins, and even emotes and soundboards to add a touch of flare to their streams.

Users of the device can leverage the Loupedeck side of things to set up their most used tools in applications like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic to be accessed with quick clicks of the buttons that can be programmed as multi-link macro functions to automate synchronized processes. The company says this functionality is “meant to help creatives increase their productivity and streamline daily tasks.

“With creative customizations, users can quickly take screenshots or record on stream, making it easier to share their highlights with their audiences. Additionally, Loupedeck’s full-suite software also provides users with access to native profiles that are preset for convenience and inspiration. Each comprehensive set of profiles contains premade macros and functions that can be easily interchanged to suit the user’s needs, further enhancing the Stream Controller X’s customizability.”

According to the company, the new Stream Controller X is compatible with Windows and macOS X devices and features a detachable 50° anti-slip magnetic stand, which will ensure a comfortable viewing angle that will keep the controller stationary during long and intense gaming, streaming, or working sessions.

The Stream Controller X is available now from Razer for $149.99.