Valoi easy35 Makes it Simple to Scan Film with Just a Camera and Lens

Valoi has announced the Valoi easy35 home film scanning system on IndieGoGo. Compared to the Valoi 360 announced in 2020, the easy35 features an all-new form factor and promises even easier and more accessible film scanning.

“The Valoi easy35 was designed to revolutionize film scanning at home, making it quick, easy, and affordable,” explains Valoi. The company says anyone can scan film at home using just a digital camera and macro lens.

Valoi easy35 at-home film scanning

The system is compatible with “all interchangeable lens cameras” and “most” macro lenses. The Valoi easy35 has a built-in, high-quality light source, so no separate light is required. Further, the system doesn’t require a stand or separate film holder.

Valoi easy35 at-home film scanning

The “plug-and-play” scanning approach is up to 10 times faster than a flatbed scanner, per Valoi, and the compact system easily fits in a camera bag.

The included film holder can be modified with special holders to allow the scanning of film formats smaller than 35mm. Holders can be replaced in a few seconds, and formats include a standard 35mm holder, 35mm slide holder, and 35mm holder with sprockets. Valoi says more formats are in development.

Valoi easy35 at-home film scanning

Unlike the Valoi 360, the easy35 does not support 120 medium format film — it is too large to fit onto the compact light source Valoi includes in the easy35.

Valoi recommends a macro lens ranging from 40mm to 105mm on full-frame cameras. For APS-C cameras, 30-70mm should work. On the even smaller sensor of Micro Four Thirds cameras, a 20-60mm focal length is recommended.

Valoi offers suggested macro lenses on its IndieGoGo page, including the Sigma 70mm f/2.8 Art lens for full-frame cameras, the Nikon 60mm f/2.8 lens for APS-C cameras, and the Olympus 60mm f/2.8 Macro lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras. The crowdfunding page also includes a list of lenses the team has already tested with the easy35, although “there is no reason why other macro lenses should not be compatible as long as they have filter threads,” writes Valoi.

Valoi easy35 at-home film scanning
From left to right: Epson v850 (4800 DPI settings) || easy35 + Samsung NEX-5N + TTartisans 40mm || easy35 + Panasonic S1R + Sigma 70mm f/2.8

With a compatible macro lens, users can capture an entire roll of 35mm film in three to four minutes. Converting those images into positives will take another five to 10 minutes. In contrast, a traditional flatbed scanner would take anywhere from about half an hour to nearly three hours.

The Valoi easy35’s built-in LED light promises “hours of scanning” and is recharged via USB-C. ” The light is a CRI 95+ rated, 81-bead bi-color LED with very high brightness. The CRI 95+ provides realistic, natural color rendering due to the near-full spectrum of light output,” Valoi explains.

Valoi easy35 at-home film scanning

The included bi-color LED allows users to select between three scanning modes: warm for slides, middle or neutral for black and white film, or cold for film negatives. With the built-in light source, expected shutter speeds range from 1/30s to 1/160s, depending on the digital camera settings and the film being scanned.

The easy35 is shaded from external light, so the film is wholly enclosed in the dark within an anti-reflective tube. Users “can scan in broad daylight,” Valoi promises.

Part of the easy35 is a tube. For users unsure what length tube they need for their equipment, the video below explains.

As outlined in the video, users must know the flange distance of their camera, the length of their lens, and its minimum focusing distance.

The “early bird” backing option has sold out, but the Valoi easy35 is available with special IndieGoGo pricing for $174, a 20 percent discount compared to the eventual retail price of $217. The easy35 comes with a filter thread, the easy35 35mm holder, a standard tube set (110mm), and the easy35 unit. Additional holders, adapters, and tube lengths are available as add-on options. For the full details, visit IndieGoGo.

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Image credits: Valoi