Meta’s Paid Verification Program for Instagram is Rolling Out Today

Meta Verified

Meta’s promised paid verification program is rolling out to Facebook and Instagram today, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on his Instagram channel.

Verification is set to cost $15 per month if subscribed using iOS or Android and $12 per month if subscribed to via the web. ThE cheaper option is only available for Facebook at this time, likely since Instagram’s browser-based experience is still pretty poor. Verification is currently available in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand for people 18 years or older and is not yet available in all places or for businesses.

For those outside the supported regions, the company has launched a waitlist for those who want to know as quickly as possible when they’re going to be able to give Meta money for a blue checkmark.

“Meta Verified is rolling out in the U.S. today,” Zuckerberg writes on his Instagram channel. “You can get a badge, proactive impersonation protection, and direct access to customer support.”

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This program, announced as in-development last month, is billed as a way to help up-and-coming creators grow their presence and build a community faster. Current verified accounts won’t have to pay for the badge and Meta has previously promised that there will be no changes to accounts on Instagram and Facebook that are already verified.

“Long term, we want to build a subscription offering that’s valuable to everyone, including creators, businesses, and our community at large,” Meta said at the time. “As part of this vision, we are evolving the meaning of the verified badge so we can expand access to verification and more people can trust the accounts they interact with are authentic.”

On Instagram, creators can become eligible for a Meta subscription if they are at least 18 years old, have an account that is associated with their full name, have two-factor authentication turned on, and have a government-issued identification that matches the name on a profile or profile photo.

“At this time, Meta Verified subscriptions only support your real name on your profile. Once your profile is verified, you can’t change the username, profile name, date of birth, or photo on your profile without going through the Meta Verified subscription and verification process again,” the company stipulates.

For those who can’t wait to hand over $15 per month for a blue checkmark, starting the verification process is available through “Settings” on the Instagram app. Click “Accounts Center” and then “Meta Verified.” If it’s available, users will see “Meta Verified available” under their name and profile photo. After setting up payment and confirming identity via an ID, the Meta will then review the request before issuing the checkmark and starting the subscription.

Of note, a subscription to one Meta platform does not work for both. If a user wants to be verified on Instagram and Facebook, they will have to subscribe to each separately.

Image credits: Meta