Sony Creators’ App is Now Available, Replaces Imaging Edge

Sony Creators' Cloud

Sony’s Creator’s App is now live. Designed to connect a smartphone to Sony’s Alpha cameras to allow a host of features, it replaces the poorly reviewed Imaging Edge, which will be removed from both Google Play and the Apple App Store.

The “Creators’ App” is one app inside of Sony’s cloud production platform “Creators’ Cloud” for individuals. The company positions the app as an extension of a Sony camera to upload, view, and manage photo and video content that is stored in the cloud.

It works as the sort of central hub for other apps and services that support photo and video production. At its core, however, the Creators’ App allows remote shooting, remote settings adjustment, and file management. Remote shooting and settings adjustment is rather straightforward and mimics the camera experience on a smartphone where photographers can not only adjust exposure and fire the shutter, but also view battery and media information as well as adjust the date, time, and name of the camera.

The file management aspect is designed to allow a photographer to keep track of photos and videos from a centralized interface. Not only can everything on the camera be viewed on a smartphone, but the app also supports file transfer to the cloud. Photographers can actually cull, flag, and upload specific files from a shoot to make their jobs easier when they get back to their desks.

At time of launch, video and image transmission from cameras to cloud via smartphones with the Creators’ App along with the remote control functions will be compatible with only with the Alpha 7 IV and ZV-1F. Sony intends to update the app and provide the necessary firmware updates for the Alpha 7R V, FX3, FX30. Alpha 7 IV, Alpha 7R V, FX3, and FX30 sometime this spring.

As part of the launch of the service, Sony has revealed how it will be managing cloud storage. All photographers can gain access to a limited 5GB of free cloud storage upon joining the Creators’ Cloud. If a photographer adds a Sony camera to their account, that jumps up to 25GB and is still free.

Beyond that, Sony intends to launch 100GB and 500GB storage options, but they aren’t available at launch and the company has not shared how much it intends to charge for them.

The Sony Creators’ App is available now from either Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Image credits: Sony