Skylum ClearCut Pro Clips Subjects From Backgrounds as a Photo is Shot

Skylum ClearCut Pro

Skylum ClearCut Pro is a camera-to-cloud app that automatically removes backgrounds from photos between when they are captured and when they are delivered through the cloud to an editor through

ClearCut Pro will provide photographers the ability to shoot directly to the cloud where the application will automatically remove the backgrounds. The capability is being made thanks to a partnership with both Fujifilm and Fujifilm is currently the only consumer-level camera to support camera-to-cloud (RED also supports it).

According to the company, photographers will be able to access two different versions of the images captured within the cloud system: The original “As Is” file, and then the “edited” version which has the background automatically removed leveraging the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

skylum clear cut pro

Skylum says this will provide users with an “innovative solution that facilitates further editing, especially for commercial and product photographers, helping them save time on set, deliver images to the clients faster, and streamline the whole workflow from capture to presentation.”

The app is being touted as a way to help those especially in e-commerce since it will dramatically reduce the edit time each file will require since it will arrive to the editor already clipped out from the background.’s basic promise is to remove the barriers between photographer and editor as well as reduce the amount of time it takes to hand over photos and footage. As mentioned in PetaPixel’s previous coverage, allows photographers and filmmakers to have their images and footage uploaded to the cloud almost immediately after it is shot where it is sent to’s cloud-based servers. The files files are then available for post-production workflows even before the principal photography has wrapped.

While initially developed for videographers, the new ClearCut Pro brings the C2C workflow capabilities to still-shooters as well.

“Skylum is always looking for innovation and ways to make the photographer’s work more effortless. We’re excited to share our latest venture as a technology partner for Fujifilm and,” Ivan Kutanin, CEO of Skylum says. “With this integration, we want photographers to really feel the difference that technology can make in their day-to-day workflow.”

The technology will be publicly demonstrated for the first time to attendees at WPPI 2023 in Las Vegas this week (March 6 through 9, 2023), and those not at the show can request access to test a beta of the platform.

Image credits: Skylum