Man Searches for Brothers He Photographed Hiking with Their Dad’s Ashes

cathedral rock
The brothers with their dad’s ashes on Cathedral Rock near Sedona, Arizona

A photographer is looking for two brothers after he captured this epic photo of them holding their dad’s ashes while hiking on Cathedral Rock in Arizona.

Kurt Ozan met the brothers while hiking around Sedona who had not long lost their dad whose final wish had been to visit the Grand Canyon before he passed away but never made it.

“His sons decided to fulfill his last wish posthumously and drove all the way from Jacksonville, Florida to do so,” explains Ozan in a now-viral Instagram post.

While Ozan got a stunning photo on his film camera of the brothers holding their father’s urn, he never caught their names and would like to show them a print of the picture.

“I tour with a country singer named Luke Combs (in his band, not his photographer) and we were playing in Phoenix,” Ozan tells PetaPixel.

“We had three days off beforehand so me and a few of the other band guys decided to rent a car and go hiking in Sedona. We hiked all the way to the top of Cathedral Rock and saw the brothers with the urn.

“They asked me to snap a photo of them on their phone so I did. I also grabbed one with my Nikon fm3a with Cinestill 800t film loaded in and a 24mm prime lens.”

Ozan described it as the “most picturesque thing I’ve ever seen” to Action News Jax.

“All I had to do was just point and click and you know frame everything up,” Ozan says. He hopes that by sharing the beautiful image on Instagram that the brothers will be able to see it.

“So now I posted the photo on Instagram and a lot of people are sharing it, which has been really fun, and we’re trying to find the guy so I can hopefully send them a print for their house,” Ozan tells Action News Jax.

If you know the brothers, or if you are the brothers in the photo, then get in touch with Kurt via his Instagram.

Image credits: All photos by Kurt Ozan.