Hasselblad Has Shuttered its East Coast-Based Operations


Hasselblad has shuttered its East Coast-based operations including its entire New Jersey service center. Its headquarters and all of its service work has been moved to the company’s Burbank, California, center that it now shares with DJI.

The company first alerted customers that there would be a transition of service from New Jersey to Burbank last November. In emails received from customers and shared on a Hasselblad forum, the company said that it would be relocating its services and that any in-process repairs would be shipped from New Jersey to California.

“I wanted to inform you that the Hasselblad service office in New Jersey is closing,” an email shared by a member of the forum reads. “The office will relocate to California. Your equipment will be shipped to the California location for repair. Please be aware that the new office will open at the end of the month, so there will be a delay with your repair. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

At the time, Hasselblad’s East Coast-based public relations informed Diglloyd that it was moving to improve its repair services.

For several years now, Hasselblad’s operations in the United States were strongly integrated into DJI’s, as the Chinese company known mainly for drones and stabilizers acquired a majority stake in the Swedish camera company in 2017.

Some Hasselblad customers surmised DJI’s decision to close the New Jersey service center was likely a move to consolidate its business in one location, as DJI already had a service center in place in Burbank. That appears to be the case, as Hasselblad’s new Burbank location shares the same address that DJI Enterprise uses: 201 S. Victory Boulevard.

While the transition was made known last November, recent changes to the company’s website shows that it not just moved the repair center away but it has completely abandoned the East Coast. As shown by the Internet Archive, Hasselblad used to call New Jersey its United States base of operations, but that changed to Burbank relatively recently.

It is not clear if Hasselblad moved its employees that were based in New Jersey made the move to Burbank as well, though a source with knowledge of the situation told Diglloyd that the Burbank-based facility had “no technicians trained to repair Hasselblad equipment and the company has no plan to take care of pro or consumer customers with equipment that is already in New Jersey for repair.” Given that, it seems unlikely that the employees were kept on.

PetaPixel reached out to Hasselblad for comment and to seek a response to the above allegations regarding its California facility, but did not receive a response.