Heartbreaking Images from the Huge Earthquake in Turkey and Syria

Earthquake in Turkey

There has been a devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Turkey and Syria killing at least 5,200 people, harrowing images have begun pouring out of the crisis zone.

In an article last month, PetaPixel reported on how cameras are everywhere and this goes for natural disasters too which are documented more forensically than ever before.

There hasn’t been just one earthquake, a series of ruinous aftershocks have caused carnage with one being captured on ANews as the television crew filmed search and rescue workers.

Drone footage (below) captured an overview of the sheer destruction caused by the earthquake in the province of Hatay.

Meanwhile, dashcam footage shows the Turkish city of Kahramanmarash being shaken so much that several buildings collapse in front of the car.

The World Health Organization has predicted that the death toll could rise above an unfathomable 20,000, blocks of flats have collapsed after the fact. One distressing video shows a man returning to his apartment only to be terrorized by another earthquake as he was checking in on his home.

Moments of deep desperation have been captured on mobile phones and cameras, with a baby in Syria being born beneath the rubble — the mother is believed to have tragically died after giving birth.

Roads have been ripped apart by the earthquake while the hospital in Hatay has been left almost capsized.

More encouraging video clips are of grateful children being pulled from the rubble, reunited with loved ones. One little girl in Syria trapped in concrete couldn’t speak from the shock as she was pulled from a collapsed building.

Rescuers are in a race against time to find survivors as the freezing conditions there will not allow those trapped to live long, 72 hours is the generally accepted window.

Hundreds of volunteers are heading to the affected region to help, meanwhile, the images pouring onto the internet and into the media will help keep the victims in the world’s mind.