Irix’s Matte Box IQ Uses Carbon Fiber Parts, Works with Magnetic Filters

Irix’s new Matte Box IQ uses an extremely lightweight design, supports the use of the company’s magnetic filters, and also can be adapted to fit on lenses of various sizes.

Designed for filmmakers and video creators who want to create the best possible results in their shots, Irix says that the new Matte Box IQ will allow filmmakers to keep optimal contrast in shots by eliminating unwanted reflections and lens flares. The company says it will prove most useful in difficult lighting conditions or in spaces with high light intensity, but it is overall billed as an important tool for filmmakers who want to produce content that mimics that of high-end productions.

Irix Matte Box IQ

The Matte Box IQ is, at its core, just like any other matte box. It mounts directly onto the housing of any “industry-standard” cine lens with a 95mm front diameter. That said, the company recognizes that its use may extend beyond the standard and additional 52mm and 86mm thread adapters are available that allow it to be used with “virtually any lens.”

“The Irix Matte Box IQ compendium was created for operators and filmmakers who want to get even better results from their shots. We created the Matte Box from the need to allow the use of Irix magnetic filters with any lens, thanks to which operators can enjoy creative freedom and flexibility in the selection of tools,” the company says.

Irix’s design allows it to be used with both wide-angle and telephoto lenses with a focal length of 15mm or above, even on full-frame cameras.

The company went beyond other matte boxes on the market with a construction that is described as “ultra-lightweight.” The matte box itself is made of plastic, while the adjustable hood is made of carbon fiber, resulting in a scant 195-gram (or about 6.87 ounces) total weight. The interior of the matte box is matte, which Irix characterizes as reflection-reducing.

“We created a lightweight and durable carbon fiber compendium and coated it with a matte coating to prevent internal reflections. So you can be sure that no accidental reflections will spoil your shot. The upper flag additionally protects the lens from sunlight and other light sources, allowing for a clean and clear image,” Irix explains.

Irix Matte Box IQ

Irix also produces a set of Magnetic Mount System (MMS) filters which can be used with the Matte Box IQ even when it is attached to a lens.

The Irix Matte Box IQ is available directly from the company’s website for €75, or about $81.