Lomography DigitaLIZA Lab is a Web-Based Processor for Scanned Film

Lomography has released the DigitaLIZA Lab, a web-based tool that allows film photographers to convert and fine-tune film scans in a few clicks.

The interface for DigitaLIZA Lab is incredibly simple. Photographers can upload film scans, either positive or negative, and can convert them and perform light edits and then download them, making film scans much easier to process and share.

“This free tool works with any device and allows you to convert all types of film including color negative, black and white, LomoChrome, and slide film in just a few short steps,” Lomography explains.

Digitaliza lab

After uploading a film scan — which can be any format — photographers then invert a negative (if necessary) and then fine-tune the upload by adjusting the black and white point. For each, the DigitaLIZA Lab tool allows for adjustment of how strongly it pushes the edit, which gives some control over how the final photo looks. For black and white images, the DigitaLIZA platform also allows a pure desaturation button which will remove any color tint that can exist in some films and produces a truly grayscale image.

Once a photo has reached the desired final look, photographers just have to click the download button to save the converted file. While Lomography doesn’t state a file size limit for the processor and this isn’t a replacement for a desktop workflow, it is a super-simple and fast way to convert film scans for sharing online, but the quality is likely good enough for printing too should that be desired.

Below is an example negative provided by Lomography, which PetaPixel processed using DigitaLIZA Lab in under a minute:

Digitaliza lab
Original Scan
Digitaliza lab
After DigitaLIZA Lab processing

One benefit to the platform is that during a session, DigitaLIZA Lab will remember settings. So while there is no batch upload capability, this will allow photographers to quickly process batches of scans with the same settings. That said, if a photographer wants to process multiple types of film, they need to remember to reset it back to default between processes.

While anyone can use the tool with any film scans in their library, DigitaLIZA Lab is designed to work with film scanners like the line of products Lomography sells that share the same name: the DigitaLIZA+ and DigitaLIZA Max, for example. A full range of digital scanning tools from Lomography can be found on its website.

DigitaLIZA Lab is free to try from Lomography’s dedicated web page.

Image credits: Lomography