LeBron James Has a Secret Handshake With Los Angeles Lakers Photographer

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James revealed that he has a special handshake with the basketball team’s official photographer.

The heartwarming video was filmed after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the San Antonio Spurs in a game at AT&T Center in Texas on November 26.

In the clip, James is seen answering questions in a post-match interview with a reporter after his team’s victory.

After James finishes the interview, the basketball superstar sees Abigail Field, the official team photographer for the Los Angeles Lakers.

James gleefully heads straight in Field’s direction and he does his secret handshake with the photographer.

After their handshake, the NBA legend then makes a camera gesture at Field to congratulate the photographer on her good work.

According to Clutchpoints, Field has been working as a photographer with the Los Angeles Lakers organization in September 2019, more than a year into James’ playing career in the team. So, the photographer and the basketball star have had plenty of time to perfect their special handshake.

‘Great On So Many Levels’

Social media users were delighted to see the basketball player’s secret handshake with the team’s photographer.

“Not just a normal handshake but he also encourages her job by doing a camera sign as part of the handshake,” a user comments. “Brilliant!”

Meanwhile, another viewer writes “This is great on so many levels.”

Others commended Field’s flawless execution of her handshake with James: “Photographer was smooth.”

James would have certainly been in high spirits when he convened with Field for the cute handshake. James had missed five games with a groin strain. However, he had a historic night when he returned to the court in the game against San Antonio Spurs on Saturday.

LeBron had 39 points, 11 rebounds, and shot 7-of-12 from 3 — making him the oldest player in the history of the NBA with a 35+, 10+ with seven 3-pointer game.

While the NBA legend has an excellent relationship with Field, James was previously locked in a lengthy legal battle with a courtside photographer over his alleged misuse of a photo on social media.