Zhiyun’s Fiveray M40 ‘Pocket Light’ and F100 ‘Light Stick’ are Super Bright

Zhiyun has announced a pair of new LED lighting tools that are designed to bring studio-quality light in a compact package. The M40 is a pocket-sized LED panel while the F100 is described as a handheld “light stick.”

The two lights are described as “patented and disruptive” thanks to the company’s DynaVort Cooling System. Zhiyun says that the technology was inspired by a panel of physicists and is an “intelligent stay-cool technology applies fluid dynamics and consists of advanced algorithms, controlling fans and a gyroscopic modeling heat sink.” In short, the two-way cooling system is designed to prevent overheating despite the brightness of the lights and their compact sizes.

Zhiyun Fiveray LEDs

Speaking of brightness, the small M40 is capable of 14,000 lux at its peak via its 176 LED chips. The F100 is even more powerful and has five times the LED chips to reach a maximum of 20,708 lux at its 100W maximum power.

The Fiveray M40

The M40 is a tiny fill light that weighs 320 grams and uses 40W of power. Zhiyun says that comparable products at a similar size only reach an average of between five and 13W, making its new LED significantly more powerful without increasing in size. The company says this is due to the aforementioned DynaVort Cooling System which prevents it from overheating.

The pocket-sized M40 has an adjustable dual color temperature range of between 2,700 and 6,200 Kelvin and a consistent power output that peaks at 40W (and 14,000 lux) without strobing, which Zhiyun says ensures that it is a stable light source. As for color accuracy, Zhiyun says it is ideal for both photo and video applications as it has a CRI of 96+ and a TLCI of 97+.

The Fiveray F100

The F100 is Zhiyun’s second pro-level lighting stick in the Fiveray lighting range. Weighing 950 grams, the F100 is designed to be used one-handed and work as a lighting solution without a complicated, larger setup.

Using 880 LED chips, the F100 is capable of a maximum of 100W of power (20,708 lux) and comes with six lighting effects for filmmaking.

Zhiyun says it has a “one click” operation for hue and saturation intensity via the control dial to create different levels of vibrant colors. The company says the frosted casing creates a diffused, “warm ambiance” while its construction assures portability without sacrificing performance (again, thanks to the company’s cooling technology). Zhiyun says it has a color balance between 2,700 and 6,200 in CCT Mode.

Pricing and Availability

The Zhiyun Fiveray M40 is available for $99 while the F100 is available for $249 starting today.