Drone Captures Mesmerizing Aerial Hyperlapse of Burning Man 2022

San Francisco-based filmmaker Jesse Chandler has shared a mesmerizing aerial hyperlapse film that gives viewers a stunning view of this year’s Burning Man event.

His finished film, which is titled “Above the Dust” and was spotted by Laughing Squid, gives a unique perspective of the annual event.

Chandler captured all of the footage with a DJI Mavic 3 drone and an Insta360 One RS 1-inch edition. The shots specifically at 36-seconds use the latter camera and while they look to be an aerial shot, are actually captured using the 360-degree camera on a stick since it is dangerous and often illegal to fly a drone directly over large crowds.

“While getting ready for Burning Man 2022, among all the other preparations, it occurred to me that I should apply for a drone permit,” Chandler explains. “After filling out the application I kinda forgot about it and concentrated on other things. When I did finally get the news that I had permission fly a drone at the event, it changed my plans for the week completely. Now I had a mission!”

Both the day and night footage Chandler captured are different levels of beautiful. When the sun was out, the footage almost looks like scenes out of Mad Max, with dust swirling around moving people and vehicles. When night fell, the scene changes dramatically into an explosion of color.

“Even though my week was cut short by some last-minute difficulties, I still managed to get some cool footage. But even before I got home, I was plotting and planning on how to capture even more. Next year’s going to be the best,” he says.

Chandler isn’t the only drone pilot who was able to capture Burning Man in a unique way this year. Photographer Jamen Percy also sent up a DJI Mavic 3 at this year’s Burning Man and captured over 700 photos to create a stellar gigapixel image from high in the sky as well as a set of other aerial photos that illustrate why so many people flock to the Nevada desert to attend the event every year.