The World’s Most Remote Camera Store Opens on Top of a Mountain

remote camera store

U.K. camera store WEX Photo Video recently opened a contender for the world’s most remote camera shop up a mountain in Wales.

WEX opened the store on top of Moel Hebog, a peak in the mountainous range of Snowdonia, a Welsh national park.

The camera company opened the pop-up store for World Photography Day on August 19 declaring it the “United Kingdom’s most remote camera store.”

“Sitting atop Moel Hebog, the store boasted everything you’ve come to expect from us — a fantastic selection and cameras, tripods, and lenses, with our staff on hand to give intrepid customers the kind of expert advice they rely on us for,” the company says.

remote camera store

WEX says that the habits of undaunted British photographers are what drove it to open a retail site on top of a mountain after a recent survey it put out about photo-taking habits.

“More than half of you said that having a good time was secondary to taking a good photo,” explains WEX.

“About 40% of you were proudly happy to risk life and limb by climbing over safety barriers, suffering sunburn, or exposing yourself to insect bites and stings — as long as it resulted in a good picture.”

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WEX says that 22% of respondents had missed out on time with family and friends in the pursuit of a good photograph.

“It can be emotionally taxing in other ways, too,” WEX adds.

“One in five of you admitted that the pursuit of a great photograph had reduced you to tears, and some of you admitted to taking the same picture up to 50 times, trying to get it just right.”

Snowdonia | Mike Peel

The company says that Moel Hebog in Snowdonia was the perfect location for a camera store as it represents what lengths British photographers will go to for a fantastic picture.

“By opening our store on Moel Hebog, we brought our expert team to one of the UK’s most remote and most photographable locations — because if you’re willing to go to such tremendous lengths for an amazing photo, then so are we.”

WEX says that scaling Moel Hebog to open a camera store was an unforgettable experience for all involved.

“Our team came away with memories to last a lifetime,” it adds.

Image credits: Photos by Anthony Devlin/PinPep.