Goodman Camera Unveils Strap with Magnetic Locking Camera Connector

Goodman Camera has announced the Goodman Camera Strap with Mag-Lock, which combines the tensile strength of Kevlar cord with a quick-release magnetic locking harness system attached to a handmade leather camera strap.

Goodman Camera is perhaps most well known for its open-source, 3D-printed medium format film cameras as well as its hand-crafted custom cameras made by the company’s founder, Dora Goodman.

But Goodman’s company doesn’t just make cameras, but also hand-made accessories. The company’s latest is a leather strap that uses an innovative magnetic locking system that allows the strap to be easily attached or unattached from a camera thanks to a magnet-powered interlocking system.

Goodman says that its magnetic locking attachments, called Harness Links, set its straps apart from others on the market thanks to the innovative harness system which makes it both fast and effortless to attach a new strap to any camera in a collection.

Each Harness Link is fully interchangeable, and extras can be purchased in 7cm (about 2.7 inches) or 12cm (about 4.7 inches) lengths, which provides a couple of options and allows photographers to purchase enough to put them on all their cameras.

On the strap side, Goodman says that each is meticulously hand-crafted and while the strap itself is leather, the binding is Kevlar which it says was chosen to be a perfect match for the magnetic Harness locks. The result is a quick-release system that is both easy to use and “extremely secure.”

The connection is similar in concept to the popular Peak Design Anchor Straps, but appears faster to clip on and off. Goodman seems to understand that the idea of a magnet holding a camera to a strap doesn’t sound the most secure, and is working on a way to better demonstrate the design in a way that will assuage concerns.

“Currently, we are working on some more content to prove how strong it is, because we know people might be scared of magnets, but the Fidlock buckles that we use are actually super strong and reliable,” Goodman tells PetaPixel. “You can rest assured that your favorite camera will always be safe around your neck!”

The Goodman Camera Strap with Mag-Lock is available in two colors (Asphalt or Clay) in either 95 or 125-centimeter (about 37 or 49-inches) lengths and starts at $68. The choice of long or short Harness Links does not change the price of the overall strap.