Insane Footage Shows Wingsuit Flight Up Close to Egyptian Pyramids

In a recent adventurous event put together by the team at the RedBull Air Force, wingsuit pilots Fred Fugen, Mike Swanson, and Vincent Cotte donned a new wingsuit design and challenged themselves by doing fly-bys so close to the Pyramids of Giza that they could almost touch the magnificent Egyptian monuments.

The adrenaline chasing wingsuit pilots performed multiple jumps as part of the Skydive Egypt “boogie.” The jumpers launched from a height of just 1,500 meters down to 90 meters (before pulling their parachutes), while hitting speeds as fast as 250 kilometers per hour (155 miles per hour) with multiple GoPro camera systems attached to their jumpsuits and safety equipment to capture all of the action.

The team at Skydive Egypt asked fans to “please comment if you have seen the Pyramids with a better view than Fred Fugen” with a teammate adding “History was made” last year.

“[This is the] first time ever anyone flew lower than the height of the pyramids and deployed their parachutes above the height of the tip of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Congratulations to Fred and Vincent for their incredible talent and congratulations as well to Skydive Egypt (Jump Like A Pharaoh) for sponsoring & making it happen. Teamwork makes the dream work,” the team says.

Given the significant location of the jump, there were sure to be no shortage of permits, planning, and safety measures put into place for both the jumpers and the historic landmarks, a feat alone which was clearly no small task. Not shared, but no doubt interesting, would be a detailed explanation of all the behind-the-scenes planning that went into this publicity event and wingsuit test.

The company has not released all the technical details of the cameras used in the footage but it can be assumed that the GoPro Hero 9 or 10 and the GoPro Hero MAX 360 camera (given the jump footage was shared around the beginning of December and took place earlier that year) were employed, plus whatever additional rigs the videographers and photographers were using while shooting from the ground and following the skydivers.

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