Wingsuit Flyers Film Insanely Close Pass to the Egyptian Pyramids

A trio of daredevil wingsuit flyers made an incredibly close pass to the Egyptian pyramids in a brand new video released by GoPro on Friday.

Fred Fugen, Aurélien Chatard, and Vincent Cotte got an up-close view of something very few people will ever get to see — the top of the Egyptian pyramids.

“These masters of skydiving and base jumping exited a helicopter thousands of feet above Egypt,” GoPro writes in the video’s description.

“After bursting through the wall of clouds, the trio built their formation and buzzed by one of the seven wonders of the world, just as planned. Shot on our 360° camera, GoPro MAX.”

On his Instagram, Fugen says that for a stunt such as this one, communication is key.

“That was incredible to watch, the control they have with those wing suits and the ability to do this with such precision is amazing, I so wanna try this,” writes one person.

Fugen and Cotte are professional athletes part of a wingsuit group known as the Soul Flyers. They regularly post jaw-dropping footage such as flying over the top of Mount Blanc — the Alp’s highest mountain — or passing in between skyscrapers in the Tokyo skyline.

In January 2022, the Soul Flyers made their first flight close to the Egyptian Pyramids as part of the Skydive Egypt Boogie but did not fly over the top as they did recently.

Given the significant location of the jump, there will be a maze of permits, planning, and safety measures put into place for both the jumpers and the historic landmarks, a feat alone that is no small task. Not shared, but no doubt interesting, would be a detailed explanation of all the behind-the-scenes planning that went into this publicity event and wingsuit test.


As stated above, the wingsuit flyers used a 360-degree GoPro MAX camera with a 64 gigabyte SD card, and an Enduro battery for the MAX. The Enduro battery is a 1600mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that is designed to extend recording times across a wider temperature range — particularly colder temperatures so is therefore aimed at skiers and snowboarders.