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A Crazy Wingsuit Flight Enhanced with Software Stabilization


Want to see the power of ReelSteady‘s software based image stabilization for After Effects? The video above shows a crazy wingsuit stunt by BASE jumper Graham Dickinson and his friend Dario. The GoPro HERO footage has been stabilized using ReelSteady as a “stress test.”

“So I tried to shake off my friend Dario with some aggressive flying but the skill of this man is compared to none,” writes Dickinson, the daredevil in front. “He has no trouble keeping you in frame, dodging trees and burbles.”

Graham and Dario flew at over 180km/h (~112mph) through trees and just feet above rocky mountain faces.

Here are the non-stabilized videos shot by Dario with a GoPro HERO3 from behind and backwards with a GoPro HERO4 by Graham from in front:

“Flights like these with friends are what keep me fresh,” Graham says.