Loupedeck Adds Improved Support for Lightroom, Capture One, and More

Loupedeck has released Software Version 5.0, an update for the Creative Tool and Live devices. The free update for the photo, streaming, and video editing consoles includes a simplified profile for easier streaming, native plugin support for Ecamm Live, vMix, Capture One Pro, and more.

The update largely focuses on improving the graphical user interface (GUI) to enable a smoother out-of-the-box and better “plug and play” experience for new users while maintaining all of the core functions experienced Loupedeck users have come to know.

The improved UI will allow users to customize their devices and assign action buttons easier without having to navigate through the detailed page views. The action panel and navigation panel have both been shifted and altered for a better-streamlined setup which the company says will give users more control over the customization process. This includes easier navigation of workspaces and pages, easier personal account linking to plugins for those that require authentication like Philips Hue and Spotify, and improved status notifications that will inform users if an application is not connected or set up properly.

Loupedeck’s 5.0 Update also includes a new simplified profile that is focused on improving the lives of streamers by centralizing actions rather than tying them to a particular application. Users can now access all available plug-ins and actions from an updated action panel on the right that even has a filtering tab to let users search for their favorite actions.

Along with the improved UI, the update also brings native integration for vMix, Ecamm, Adobe Lightroom Classic, and an upgrade for Capture One Pro’s macOS integration. The company says this improvement will make the workflows more responsive and bring new functionality for photo editors and ensures consoles will work properly with the latest releases from Adobe and Capture One.

“Amid the exploding popularity of content creation, we are pleased to offer software 5.0, which helps creators of all levels take control of their favorite programs,” said Mikko Kesti, Founder and CEO of Loupedeck. “Entry-level users now have the ability to easily access powerful actions from one centralized location right out of the box, while features like easier navigation of assigned workspaces further enhance the editing and live streaming experience for more advanced users. With this major software release, Loupedeck has greatly shortened the path to creating professional content for all users.”

The Loupedeck Live and the Loupedeck CT editing consoles are available for purchase from the Loupedeck Online store for $269 and $549 respectively. Software update 5.0 is now available for download on the Loupedeck website.