Giveaway: Win Over $2,900 Worth of Dora Goodman 3D-Printed Camera Kits

Analog photography enthusiasts, this one’s for you! PetaPixel has partnered with Dora Goodman to give away more than $2,900 worth of 3D-printed cameras, including a custom-designed Goodman Zone medium format camera.

Entering the sweepstakes is easy and free. Just register your name and email address now. After you register, you can unlock up to 14 entries to maximize your chances of taking home one of three Dora Goodman camera kits.

Tradition + Tech = Unique Take on Analog Cameras

Film photography is coming back! Beginners and avid photographers alike are picking up analog cameras, embracing the limitations and imperfections that make film photography so enjoyable.

Dora Goodman’s pinhole and medium format cameras are making the entry (or re-entry) into film photography both affordable and enjoyable. Goodman started out in 2016 by re-skinning film cameras with materials like wood, glass, and leather. With her unique designs, she quickly gained a following among analog enthusiasts looking for personalized and eye-catching cameras. Today, Dora Goodman Cameras is a boutique camera maker with a team of six people who design, 3D print, and handcraft beautiful and innovative photography gear.

The Goodman Zone medium format camera is making a splash among analog and film photography enthusiasts for being inexpensive, customizable, and producing quality images. Available as a fully assembled camera, DIY kit, and even as print-at-home design files (for free!), the Goodman Zone has inspired many photographers with its lightweight and quality build, low cost, and opportunities to customize and accessorize.

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Where the Goodman Zone is all about accessories and personalization, Goodman’s SCURA pinhole camera is all in on simplicity and ease of use. The SCURA is available in both 35mm and 6×6 format. It’s designed with a curved film plane to produce sharper images without vignetting. Just like the Zone, you can purchase SCURA assembled and as a DIY kit. Or, you can download the design files (once again, for free!) from GoodLab and 3D print the camera at home.

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Win a Dora Goodman Camera

Do you fancy a Dora Goodman camera for free without having to 3D-print and build it yourself? Register for the PetaPixel x Doora Goodman Cameras sweepstakes now for your chance to win. It’s as easy as entering your name and email address, and the contest is open worldwide.

After registering, increase your chance of winning by completing some very simple tasks to unlock up to 14 sweepstake entries.

First Prize: Custom PetaPixel-branded Goodman Zone Medium Format Camera

Our first-prize winner will take home a pre-assembled, custom branded Goodman Zone medium format camera and accessories, plus a StellaPro™ CLx10 Imaging Kit, all valued at $2,459. Camera includes:

  • Schneider 90mm lens
  • Splatter texture coating
  • Grip with shutter cable holder and 120 film holder
  • 3D-printed sport viewfinder
  • Pro flash mount with smartphone holder
  • 3D-printed Goodman 6×6 magazine
  • 3D-printed side strap holder
  • Spare hardware kit
  • Faux leather décor

Dora Goodman note: Our Schneider 90mm lenses are pre-loved (second hand). We purchase them from trusted sources, and we test every lens thoroughly.

This Goodman Zone is a one-of-a-kind camera made especially for our first-prize winner. Want to see how they designed and built it? Check this video:

Runners-up Prizes

The first runner-up will receive a Goodman Zone DIY kit and accessories valued at $403. Camera includes:

  • 3D-printed camera body
  • 3D-printed Goodman 6×6 Magazine
  • Helical lens adapter with Goodman focusing screen
  • 120 film holder grip with shutter cable holder knobs
  • Pro flash mount with smartphone holder and bubble level
  • Side strap holder
  • Self-adhesive leather and carbon self-adhesive coating

The second runner-up gets to take home a 35mm Scura Pinhole Camera with viewfinder worth $121.

Enter Now

Entering the PetaPixel x Dora Goodman Cameras sweepstakes is easy, but don’t wait too long before you register. We will draw the winners on November 20th, 2021.

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