ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2022: AI and Improved Asset Management

ACD Systems International has launched the newest edition of its flagship software — ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate 2022 — boosting the digital asset management process and introducing AI-powered facial recognition.

ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate supports RAW and layered editing in addition to file organization. In the newest 2022 version, the company has improved digital asset management with two new modes — Media mode and People mode.

“The two new modes will help photographers identify images in a heartbeat, rather than going through an abundance of images to find the file they’re looking for,” says Frank Lin, COO and CTO.

“Photo Studio Ultimate 2022 is the ticket to a future where Artificial Intelligence will help elevate photographers’ vision.”

Media mode

Media mode provides an overall streamlined digital asset management, such as finding, sorting, moving, organizing, and sharing files. Users can add ratings, hierarchical keywords, tags, categories, location data, and customizable color labels, and more. The update also brings SVG file support.

People mode utilizes face detection and recognition technology to help users manage subjects by merging, renaming, or deleting faces, or using labeling suggestions from the AI assistant for grouping similar unnamed people.

People mode

Users can sync and transfer their files using the ACDSee Mobile Sync app, available on iPhone and Android.

The software has also added new selection tools that use channels and filters for a greater degree of precision, had introduced a new Color Wheel and Luminance Range that improves pixel targeting, and Noise Reduction can now be applied with the Develop brush.

Other additions include an improved Curve Control and Gradient Control, high ISO support, improved High-Dynamic Range and Focus Stacking, and more.

Photo Studio Ultimate 2022 is available for Windows users from September 22 and users can choose between subscription-based pricing or a lifetime license. For Mac users, ACDSee offers Photo Studio for Mac 7.

Those who already have an existing Photo Studio Ultimate software license are eligible for exclusive upgrade pricing and are prompted to log in with their acdID account to view it.

More information about the new Photo Studio Ultimate 2022 and how it compares to previous software versions can be found on the product comparison page with pricing options available on the ACDSee website.