ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 10 Improves Organization and Workflow

ACD Systems has released the latest version of its macOS photo editing software, Photo Studio for Mac 10, just a few months after the company launched the latest version of its Windows photo editing app, Photo Studio Ultimate 2024.

The new version promises to be the “total package for photographers and creative visionaries” on Mac and incorporates new features designed to save users time. Regarding its digital asset management tools, Photo Studio for Mac 10 uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help keep photos organized, including a new People Mode that helps photographers identify and manage all the pictures of people in their library. The software uses AI to detect and recognize faces and can also import existing face data for users migrating their libraries from Lightroom to Photo Studio.

The app also sports Media Mode, a new database-driven way to manage a photo catalog that allows users to search their entire image collection with any combination of filters and search terms.

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 10

While these two organizational tools are the primary new features available in Photo Studio for Mac 10, representing a relatively short list of improvements, it is worth pointing out that Photo Studio remains available exclusively with perpetual software licenses. Photographers who despise subscription models have fewer options than ever, but ACD Systems remains committed to providing lifetime apps.

Photographers who have never used Photo Studio for Mac should take note of the software’s other features. Beyond the new People and Media Modes and AI facial recognition, the app includes customizable keyword management, editable metadata tools, saved searches, location data, and numerous photo viewing modes. It also provides batch editing, does not rely on image catalogs, and can help photographers track down duplicate photos.

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 10

In terms of photo editing, Photo Studio for Mac 10 includes tools for local edits, including a smart brush that selects pixels based on color or brightness, a develop brush to adjust exposure, saturation, contrast, and more, and tools to edit skin, remove blemishes, and perform general image cloning and healing.

The app includes all the typical global exposure and color adjustments that users have come to expect from photo editing applications, including more sophisticated features like dehaze and LUT support.

At its core, Photo Studio for Mac 10 aims to be a direct competitor to an app like Adobe Lightroom, albeit without Lightroom’s catalogs or subscription model.

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 10

“Version 10 of our Mac software takes digital file organization to the next level. Competitive, fast, and timesaving are top of mind when describing this release — the addition of People Mode and Media Mode really amplifies the already powerful photo management toolset. I am so proud of our software engineering team for developing such a helpful tool for photographers,” says Frank Lin, COO & CTO of ACD Systems.

Pricing and Availability

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 10 is available now at a discounted price of $70, down from its standard price of $100. The sale ends on November 22 at noon PST. Users can also download a free trial from the ACDSee website.

Image credits: ACD Systems