vivo Launches the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2021 with Nat Geo

vivo has launched the new VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2021, the latest edition of its professional mobile photography competition hosted in partnership with National Geographic.

Full disclosure: This article was brought to you by vivo.

The competition is a part of vivo’s larger VISION+ Project, which vivo launched to develop a mobile imaging ecosystem. The initiative aims to “encourage the joint creation of images, public education and the exploration of aesthetics.”

“vivo’s ultimate goal is to encourage more users to embrace the joys of creativity and to accelerate the development and recognition of mobile imaging,” the Chinese smartphone manufacturer states.

The VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards is a new photo contest that aims to promote mobile photography, stir up a global conversation around mobile photography, and encourage participation from professional photographers, enthusiast photographers, and even ordinary mobile phone users.

“This year marks the second edition of the VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards,” says vivo SVP and CMO Spark Ni. “Through the competition, vivo aims to drive innovation in imaging technology while allowing more people around the world enjoy using technology to create eye-catching content.

“This is vivo’s user-centric vision and cultural responsibility as a technology brand – we will make professional and enjoyable imaging technologies widely available so that more people can enjoy the joys of creativity.”

The first edition of the photo contest, VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2020, received over 135,000 submissions from photographers around the world. 38 awards were presented to finalists from 9 countries and regions.

Creators from many different backgrounds and cultures submitted a rich tapestry of works, showing the diversity and vibrancy of life around the world, including lively portraits, quaint folk life, and magnificent landscapes.

VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2021 features an esteemed judging panel comprising 6 internationally acclaimed photography experts and academics They are documentary photographer Martin Parr, documentary photographer Jonas Bendiksen, portrait photographer Xiao Quan, Les Rencontres d’Arles curator Laura Serani, Curator, ZEISS photography expert Bertram Hoenlinger, and National Geographic photo consultant Michael George.

This year’s competition will feature 33 awards in categories across three groups: the Open Group, the Youth Group, and the new Professional Group.

The Professional Group includes three categories: News, Creative, and Documentary Projects, encouraging professional photographers to interpret and express their feelings on modern culture, social trends, and the defining moments of the year.

The Open and Youth Groups emphasize the beauty of daily life, human emotions, and memories. The Open Group includes six categories: Portraits, Night, Sports, Nature, Life, and Places.

The Youth Group is a Special Feature that focuses on the subject of Surroundings.

In addition to cash prizes (up to $15,000), smartphones, certificates, winners will also receive opportunities in photography, exhibitions, and publications with industry partners.

“vivo’s goal is to empower the long-term development of winners and aid in the discovery and appreciation of exceptional mobile photography,” vivo says.

To learn more about VISION+ Mobile PhotoAwards 2021 and to participate in the competition, visit the official website here. The deadline for entries to be submitted is September 30th, 2021. Finalists will be announced on October 30th, 2021.