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Wandrd Refreshes Prvke Bag Series, Launches Photo-Focused Prvke Lite


Wandrd has announced notable changes to its popular Prvke camera and adventure backpacks along with two new sizes: 41-liter and a new, compact 11-liter bag with an integrated camera cube called the Prvke Lite.

The company says that it redesigned the Provke series to be more comfortable, have more organization, better accessibility, and more versatility overall. The Prvke backpack will be available in 21-liter, 31-liter, and the new 41-liter size and features several updates to make it what the company believes to be a more perfect carrying solution.

The back panel and shoulder straps have a new, updated shape and better padding which Wandrd says will make for a more comfortable and breathable wearing experience. While the straps still aren’t adjustable at the shoulders, the company says that the design choices that have been integrated should make it more comfortable for a wider set of body sizes and types.

Wandrd has also updated the hidden passport pocket to be larger and more discreet and has also added a new roller-bag luggage pass-through strap. The tote handles now have more powerful magnets in them to keep them better secured, and the bag’s zippers all feature an updated u-puller design.

There is also a new updated fleece-lined pocket that is accessible from the upper compartment and it no longer hands freely from inside the bag, making it more secure. Wandrd also updated the laptop/tablet closure system and added three new organization pockets on the sleeve. Finally, the camera cube no longer has a liner flap cover to allow for faster access to gear.

The Prvke 41-liter is a larger version of the Prvke 21 and 31, and features an increased depth of 1.5-inches, which the company says can fit the Essential Deep and Pro Deep Camera Cubes, which are designed to hold pro-level DSLRs (read: integrated battery grip), cinema cameras, and cameras with attached battery grips.

The new Prvke Lite is a small, 11-liter bag that has — as mentioned — a built-in camera cube and “streamlined features” from the full-size bags while still promising the high-quality weatherproof materials found in the Prvke 21, 31, and 41. All the backpacks can be dedicated camera bags but are also designed to be more than that since the cube is removable and they can transition seamlessly into a pack for various uses. Since the cube is not removable on the Lite, it’s the most photography-focused bag of the group and assumes that when it will be used, it’s going to be carrying a camera.

In addition to the updated design and new sizes, Wandrd also announced its Premium Accessory straps, which have the same overall usability as the company’s original Accessory Straps, only with upgraded hardware and better functionality. They are available in four colors (black, red, camo, and tan) for $39.

The Prvke 21, 31, 41 and Lite (11L) are set to retail for $199, $219, $239, and $219 respectively. The Prvke Lite is the same price as the Prvke 31 because it comes with the camera cube, while the camera cube has to be purchased separately for all the other sizes or as part of a bundle. The Prvke 21, 31, and Lite are available in black, blue, green, and tan colors while the 41 is only available in black.