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Fujifilm Re-Releases the QuickSnap Waterproof 800 Disposable Camera


Jumping back in on the resurging popularity of disposable film, Fujifilm has announced that it is reintroducing the QuickSnap Waterproof 800 35mm one-time-use camera (also known as the QuickSnap Waterproof).

The Fujifilm QuickSnap Waterproof is a one-time-use disposable camera that is designed to be used in any weather environment, including up to 35 feet underwater. Fujifilm says that the giant lever-style shutter located on the front of the camera and the top-mounted film advance knob are designed to make it easy to operate even in adverse conditions, such as while wearing gloves in wet and snowy conditions or while swimming.

“Over the past two years, there has been a highly unanticipated shift in market demand for color amateur film, from millennials and Gen Z users, and our fun and easy-to-use QuickSnap products have quickly gained popularity amongst this younger cohort,” a Fujifilm representative tells PetaPixel.

The camera comes pre-loaded with 27 exposures of ISO 800 film behind its 32mm f/10 fixed-focus lens. It also has a fixed shutter speed of 1/125 second. The distance to a subject should be beyond 3.3 feet when used in the open air, and between 3.3 and 9.8 feet when submerged in clear water. Fujifilm says that this particular fixed exposure will work best outdoors on both sunny or slightly overcast days as well as when in brightly-lit conditions underwater.

The camera captures color film that has a development requirement of C41/CN16 process.

While not explicitly stated in any press materials, based on the packaging images it appears that the camera itself is designed to be recycled, which is good to see considering the implications of mass-disposed plastics.

“Photofinishers are encouraged to send this camera to Fujifilm for recycling,” the box reads, putting the onus on the film developer to responsibly dispose of the used camera. It is likely that the plastic waterproof body casing can simply be reused by Fujifilm to repackage a new disposable interior camera, provided the company receives the unit back. Check with your photofinisher on its policies regarding recycling before assuming the product will be responsibly reused.

The QuickSnap Waterproof 800 35mm one-time-use camera is available again in the United States starting today and can be purchased for $12.