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Watch Colorful Paint Smash into Artist’s Face in Super Slow Motion


Ben Ouaniche of the YouTube channel Macro Room has uploaded some really beautiful work combining slow motion and macro photography. To celebrate hitting one million subscribers, he shot himself getting hit with colorful liquid-filled balloons in super slow motion.

PetaPixel has featured Ouaniche’s work before, and this latest project was shot on a Chronos 2.1-HD. The slow-motion camera is capable of 1000 frames per second for up to 2.76 consecutive seconds. Using it to its fullest, Ouaniche manages to capture an amazing shot of the multiple colors blending into one another as they smash into his face.

The Chronos is only able to capture 1080p Full HD video, but Ouaniche’s upload is in 4K which means he probably upscaled the footage in post. Still, the images from the footage look incredible despite this.

Ouaniche shared a real-time versus slow-motion video on Instagram that shows a bit of the behind-the-scenes of the shot:

While not visible in the final video either due to a clever angle and lighting or because it was removed in post, Ouaniche was able to assure that all the balloons would pop precisely because he placed a needle on the bridge of his sunglasses. You can see that in a compilation of his failed attempts here:

For more from Ben Ouaniche, you can follow Macro Room on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube Channel.

(via Laughing Squid)