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Photographer Captures Birds Eating Out of Her Hand in Slow-Motion


Photographer Jocelyn Anderson captures beautiful images of birds in their natural habitats but also has a wonderfully calming ongoing YouTube series where she depicts different bird species eating out of the palm of her hand in slow motion.

Self-described as a “big fan of birds,” Anderson has published a huge gallery of different species on her Instagram as well as offers many for sale as prints, greeting cards, and calendars on her website.

And as excellent as her photography is, she doesn’t stop her hobby there. Her ongoing series of different bird species eating out of the palm of her hand in slow motion is wonderfully captivating and peaceful.

“I often visit a park that has birds that have been hand-fed for years. Since the birds are quite friendly, all I need to do is show up with some peanuts and sunflower seeds,” Anderson says. “Often smaller birds move too quickly for the human eye to catch the details of their movements. I use my iPhone 11 to record their flight and their antics while they select their snacks of choice. These birds are small but have big personalities!”

To see Anderson’s impressive collection of slow-motion videos of birds eating out her hand, subscribe to her YouTube Channel.

(via Laughing Squid)