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Nature Photographer Finds Insect That Looks Like a Walking Piece of Popcorn


The late nature photographer Andreas Kay shot this incredible clip of a tiny insect in Ecuador that looks just like a piece of popcorn walking around.

“This tiny Flatid Planthopper Nymph from the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador is covered with waxy filaments for protection,” Kay writes.

If you’re interested in nature photography, Ecuador is a great country to put on your list of places to visit — it’s one of 17 megadiverse countries in the world, boasting at least 1,660 species of birds, 4,000 species of butterflies, 500 species of amphibians, and an incredible collection of flora.

Kay began documenting and studying biodiversity in Ecuador starting in 2011 and captured over 30,000 beautiful photos of the plants and animals he came across. His goal was to raise awareness for the “threatened treasures.”

After being diagnosed with brain cancer, Kay passed away in October 2019 at the age of 56.

(via Andreas Kay via Laughing Squid)