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This Free Photoshop Add-On Will Read You Jokes and Puns While You Work


Retoucher Pratik Naik and his co-workers at Infinite Tools have released a fun (and free) little side-project that you might want to get in on. It’s called the “Infinite Jokes Panel” and it’s a Photoshop add-on that will read you jokes, puns, and condescending statements about your photo editing abilities while you work.

The Infinite Jokes Panel is… well… it’s exactly what it looks like.

“What if Photoshop could verbally judge your decisions while you were working, or tell you the best photo related puns and jokes? Infinite Jokes is just that!” reads the description. “The free light hearted panel is the perfect retouching buddy that will provide humor for hours on end.”

But Naik and Co. went beyond just creating a little web-app that refreshes with a new quote every 30 minutes. You actually have some customization and rating options built in.

First of all, the panel will actually READ you the joke, pun, or condescending statement in either a male or female voice, using either an American or British accent; second, the panel allows you to choose if you’re in a funny or mean mood; third, you can change how often it tells you a joke from every 15 seconds to every 30 minutes; and fourth, you can control the volume as well.

Finally, if you’re part of the Infinite Tools community, you can also rate the jokes you hear or submit your own for consideration.

Obviously this isn’t going to help your retouching in any way—it’s not that kind of Photoshop panel. It’s just a fun little side-project that might inject a little humor into your next retouching session… or help you take yourself a little less seriously.

To learn more about the Infinite Jokes Panel or download it for yourself, head over to the Infinite Tools website here.