Sony Won’t Redesign Their Menus, So This Photographer Did It for Them

Sony shooter and Vlad Shagov recently did what many photographers have been hoping Sony would do for years: he redesigned the Sony menu system and created his own “concept” version. Based on the response so far, Sony may want to send Shagov a thank you note… or a contract.

To create this concept Shagov focused on taking full advantage of the touchscreen, and took some inspiration from the menu system in the Ricoh GR.

“I didn’t focus on structure at all. I focused more on visual style, and on the possibility to use touchscreen in menu,” explains Shagov. “It seems that Search functionality will be pretty smart in such a complex menu. Also, I think it will be much better and intuitive if menu sections will not be split across multiple pages (Like Autofocus page 1,2,3) and will be on one page, but scrollable, like Ricoh GR Menu for example.”

Shagov didn’t re-invent the wheel by any means, but his creation certainly seems easier to navigate than the current multi-page system that Sony uses. Plus, it’s easy on the eyes.

You can see the full menu in action in this video on YouTube (playback is disabled on external sites, or else we’d embed it for you). What do you think? Did Shagov just do Sony’s UX design work for them, or is the ideal Sony menu system still out there somewhere, waiting to be invented? Let us know in the comments.