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Canon EOS R6 Announcement Delayed Until July: Report


Canon’s much-rumored and anticipated EOS R6—the mirrorless variant of the 6D line-up of DSLRs—was originally expected in May, but it sounds like we’ll have to wait a little while longer for this full-frame mirrorless camera to officially arrive.

According to Canon Rumors multiple sources are saying that Canon has been forced to delay the announcement of the EOS R6 until July, pushing shipping for the camera until Q3 of 2020. Assuming this remains the case, the camera should still arrive in plenty of time for the 2020 Holiday season, but it’s disappointing news for Canon mirrorless fans all the same.

It seems the rumored EOS R6 will, more or less, come to replace the current EOS R. And while it is expected to use a lower resolution image sensor, in many ways, it will be the camera the EOS R should have been. Here are the anticipated specs, which were originally leaked in March:

  • 20MP full-frame sensor
  • IBIS
  • 12fps max with the mechanical shutter
  • 20fps max with the electronic shutter
  • 4K/60p and 1080/120p video capability
  • Dual card slots

Compared to the EOS R5, sources say the R6 will use a lower-resolution EVF, lack the top-down screen, and represent a drop in overall build quality. These trade-offs will hopefully also mean a very attainable price tag.

For stills shooters who want buy into the RF ecosystem but aren’t happy with what the EOS R and EOS RP have to offer—and aren’t interested in the eye-watering video specs Canon is building into the EOS R5—it sounds like we’ll be waiting a bit longer for another option to hit the market. Then again, we all kind of expected that, didn’t we?

Note: Header image is an illustration, created using a product image of the EOS R5