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Fox Steals Phone While It’s Recording, Cuteness Ensues


If you’re feeling down and need a smile, check out this 1-minute video of a fox stealing a phone from a human and running away with it.

The video was shared yesterday by Mikayla Raines, founder of SaveAFox Rescue, a Minnesota-based non-profit that’s decided to saving foxes from sickness, injury, abandonment, and fur farms.

Raines was planning to record a video of herself doing some kind of exercise. After starting the recording and setting it down on the ground against a barrel, a curious fox named Dixiedo decided to investigate.

“Don’t you do anything to my phone,” Raines is heard saying to Dixiedo.

Unfortunately for Raines, Dixiedo had other ideas. After giving the phone a few sniffs, the fox snatched it in its mouth and started running away. Dixiedo is heard making adorable high-pitched noises as it does its best to run away from the human in hot pursuit.

Raines eventually gets her phone back as Dixideo tried to bury it, and the unexpected short film that was captured is now going viral online — it’s one of the top trending videos on YouTube today.