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A ‘Time-Blended’ Star Trail Timelapse of the Night Sky


San Francisco-based landscape, aerial, and timelapse photographer Michael Shainblum made this gorgeous 3-minute 4K star trail timelapse titled “Drifting Through The Night.” It features years of Shainblum nighttime shoots presented in a “time-blended” way.

After shooting the thousands upon thousands of long-exposure photos across California, Oregon, Hawaii, and Italy, Shainblum blended hundreds of them together for each of the shots seen in the film. And for some of the shots, he mixed star trail shots with normal shots.

“The intro sequences are a blend of star trail timelapses mixed with regular night sky timelapses to create a singular shooting star effect,” Shainblum says.

A still frame from the film showing the “shooting star effect.”

You can find more of Shainblum’s work on his website, YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram.