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London Fashion Week Photogs Tricked by Grandma in Outrageous Outfit


YouTubers Zac and Jay pulled a prank on London Fashion Week photographers earlier this month. In an attempt to highlighting how ridiculous some modern “fashion” looks to the typical viewer, they dressed up a grandma in a mishmash of random props and clothing… and somehow got her featured on Vogue.com.

The vlog above follows the whole process from start to finish: from auditioning talent and finding 78-year-old Elizabeth, to shopping for the most outrageous outfit they could find, to turning Elizabeth into “model” and “global superstar” Elicia Verde before taking her out onto the streets of London.

It’s important to stress just how crazy they went with the props: grape earnings, a bike lock necklace, panda umbrella, a clear green purse with barbie legs inside, and air pillow packaging for a collar. You can see the outfit in all its glory on the official Elicia Verde Instagram account:

The “twist” ending is that this prank ended up working better than they could have imagined. The duo didn’t just trick street style photographers at London Fashion Week into flocking around Elizabeth and snapping her outfit—which was inspired by her three favorite things: green, rain, and toast & jam. And they didn’t just manage to “crash” a show without so much as a peep from security, who assumed she belonged.

They actually got her photo taken by Phil Oh, whose portrait of “Elicia” on the street ended up on Vogue.com. Specifically, it ended up in a roundup of street style images in the VogueWorld section (she’s #81 as of this writing).

Check out the full video up top to see this prank in action. And if you’re planning to shoot street style at any major fashion shows, keep an eye out for “icons” like Elicia Verde—sometimes, the more outrageous outfit the better.