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PolarPro Unveils ‘LiteChaser Pro’ Filter System and Variable ND for iPhones


PolarPro—maker of high-quality filters for full-sized cameras and drones—has just launched the LiteChaser Pro: a filter system for all three iPhone 11 models that includes a case, four filters, and a grip that doubles as a tripod and accessory mount.

The PolarPro LiteChaser Pro wants to be all things to all smartphone shooters, without reaching the size of products like the BeastGrip. Instead, you get a standard phone case with an aluminum filter mount over the dual or triple cameras, a removable grip that you can attach when you need more stability, and four different filters: an ND8, an ND64, a 3-5 stop Variable ND, and a Circular Polarizer.

As a bonus, the grip also includes a 1/4-20″ thread on both ends, allowing you to use it as a tripod mount, while simultaneously attaching a small mic or other accessory to the top.

The only limitation of the system is on the Variable ND, which is not officially compatible with the Ultra Wide lens.

Here’s a quick intro to the LiteChaser Pro:

And a closer look at the whole setup:

“Since the launch of Apple’s iPhone 11 in September 2019, the goal was to develop a complete creative system worthy of replacing your DSLR/Mirrorless camera and help transform your iPhone 11 into the ‘A’ camera,” says PolarPro Founder and CEO Jeff Overall. “In the end, the [LiteChaser Pro] is a complete creative system built specifically for mobile filmmakers and photographers to deliver shots never before possible on iPhone.”

We don’t know about the phone becoming a “system worthy of replacing your DSLR/Mirrorless camera” unless all you do is vlog—and even then…—but it does seem like a complete system for anybody who wants to get serious about smartphone photography and filmmaking.

The LiteChaser Pro is available at special “Pre-Order” pricing for the next 30 days. You can pick up the Photographer Kit (case, grip, circular polarizer) for $100, or the Filmmaker Kit (case, grip, variable ND) for $120. After the intro pricing, retail will be $120 and $150, respectively. You can also “build your own” kit and get up to $57 off during this pre-order period.

The first 1,000 orders will begin shipping March 28th, the second 1,000 will begin shipping April 28th, and the third 1,000 will begin shipping (you guessed it) May 28th. To learn more or pre-order your own, click here.