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These Useful Charts Help You Avoid the Crowds at US National Parks


Designer and engineer Jordan Vincent has created a set of data visualizations (read: creative infographics) that landscape photographers might find invaluable. Using visitor data from all of the most popular US National Parks, he was able to plot attendance by type of lodging, time of year, and average temperature.

He created these visualizations for 54 National Parks—including Yellowstone, Yosemite, Glacier, Grand Canyon and many more—using data that spanned from 2013 to 2019. Each chart plots the number of Lodging, RV, Tent, and Backcountry visitors onto a circle that shows both the time of year, and the average temperature. This example chart (with helpful labels) shows you how to read each of his visualizations:

For photographers looking to capture wide-open landscapes or try and shoot wildlife when there are fewer people around to make noise or get in the way, these visualizations could come in extremely handy.

On his website, you can see all 54 charts broken down by type of park: Mountain, Tundra, Desert, Tropical, Coast and Continental. Here are some of the most popular parks on his list:

To see these visualizations for all 54 parks, head over to his website and be sure to bookmark it! You may not be able to avoid the crowds if you’re trying to shoot the Horestail Firefall or some other event that only takes place for a few days every year, but if you’re just going out to visit the park and shoot around, you’ll be glad you had these charts for reference.

(via Fast Company)

Credits: All charts created by Jordan Vincent and used with permission.