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Woman Calls Out Her Own Sister for Faking Instagram Snap, Goes Viral


You might be able to fool the Internet, but as one Florida woman found out the hard way, you’d better hope your sister isn’t around when you’re doing it. Your little lie might just go viral.

Casey Sosnowski recently posted your typical, inspirational hiking photo to her Instagram. Athleisure wear on point, the Lake Okahumpka Park and Trail beneath her feet, nature-loving caption locked and loaded. “Nature is the ultimate healer to all our problems,” wrote Casey, adding #NatureLover for good measure.

Just one teensy problem. As her sister Carly pointed out in a now-viral Twitter post, this nature scene was captured in their backyard. “My sister said she was going hiking…” wrote Carly on Twitter, “this is our backyard.”

The little piece of sibling rivalry has since been liked over 274K times and retweeted over 40K times, and people poured into the Twitter replies to laugh at the situation, especially if they have siblings of their own and can relate to this kind of thing:

Eventually, Casey herself replied and the duo had a good-humored back and forth about their sudden Internet fame:

Before updating the original Instagram caption to read: “Did I go hiking? No. Is this my backyard?…… MaybeπŸ˜‰”

Plenty of people are speculating in the comments that this was a marketing stunt, but with only 4,000 followers to her name and no products to hock, it seems the Sosnowski sisters really didn’t intend for this to blow up. Whatever the case, it’s a good lesson in skepticism.

The next time you see a hiking photo on Instagram, you’ll think twice; the next time you try to fake your own photo, you’ll make sure your siblings are far away.

(via Fox News)

UPDATE: Since people are asking about the difference in her top from one photo to the next, here’s the explanation from Carly: