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The Photo Rock Bar Wants to Replace Bulky Sandbags with a Better Solution


It’s not often someone “reimagines” an established bit of kit, but that’s what the folks over at Photo Rock Bar have done. This strange looking weight for tripods, light stands and boom arms is meant to replace ye old sand bag with something more convenient and versatile.

The Photo Rock Bar came to our attention earlier this week when we were contacted by one of the contraption’s creators. As you can see from the images below, the Photo Rock Bar consists of a tubular nylon case that attaches directly onto your tripod or C-Stand using two removable straps. Inside the zip-up tube are 7 lbs worth of removable weights made from recycled steel.

When strapped down correctly, the creators of Photo Rock Bar promise that it will “not move or sway and cause movement or vibration problems like hanging weight bags can.” And if you really need some stability, it’s compact enough that you could even attach multiple Rock Bars to a single tripod or stand.

Here’s a closer look:

Even if we don’t think the Rock Bar will completely replace sandbags for photographers, it’s an interesting alternative that could legitimately be more useful in many situations. To learn more about this product, head over to the Photo Rock Bar website where you can purchase one for yourself for $45.