‘Share’ is a Photo Book That Contains 50 Removable Prints for Sharing Art


Share is like the Kit Kat bar of photo books. Just as you can break off a chocolate covered wafer to share a Kit Kat bar with someone else, you can tear a beautiful photographic print out of the Share photo book to share art.



The book, released by the Swedish publishing house New Heroes & Pioneers, contains an inspiring collection of photographs (and some other artworks by painters and illustrators) from creators around the world.





The artists featured in the book had complete freedom to submit whatever piece they wished, and none of them have been published in a book before this one.

Each page is connected to the book with a perforated edge, allowing it to be cleanly removed from the book, framed, and hung on a wall as a standalone piece of art.


“So, these artworks can end up on you bookshelf, or on your wall,” says the creators, “but what we really want is for them to be shared in the hope they can be presented as gifts and perhaps end up in someone else’s home.”

The hardcover book features 108 matte pages and can be purchased for 500 Swedish krona (~$60) over on the publisher’s website.

Share [New Heroes & Pioneers via ISO 1200]