IKEA Recreates Rooms in ‘Simpsons’, ‘Friends’, ‘Stranger Things’ With Its Furniture

IKEA United Emirates has launched a clever new marketing campaign called the “Real Life Series.” Each picture is a famous room from a popular TV show recreated entirely using IKEA furniture and products.

“We brought to life the iconic living rooms of the most beloved families of all times, through tons of furniture combinations in lots of different styles and sizes – and at affordable prices,” IKEA says. “We’ve grouped all the products for each room for you, so it’s easy to recreate what you see here in your own home. Take a look and make your living room iconic with IKEA.”

The Simpsons: The “Room for Families”

“A living room is not just a place for families to get together and watch TV, it’s a place to share happy moments and have fun,” IKEA says. “And fun is what this room is all about. Combine new colorful and playful patterns and brighten-up your living room with your functional and favorite IKEA furniture pieces.”

Friends: The “Room for Mates”

“Whether you share the same surname or just each other’s companies on a regular basis,” IKEA says. “Family for IKEA goes beyond the traditional definition. And we also have rooms far from traditional to match that. Mix and match styles, throw some color in and build a comfy, flexible, friend-magnet living room to enjoy with your favorite people in the world.”

Stranger Things: The “Room for Everyone”

“Every living room tells a story of the family who lives there,” IKEA says. “And this one is not afraid to tell it out loud. So let your furniture do the talking. You can express your family’s romantic with a colorful string of lights or brag about your great book collection, perfectly organized on our display cases. Whatever your family loves, you’ll find a way to show it at IKEA.”

“The production was an arduous, months-long process during which the Ikea and agency teams worked together, sifting through thousands of items from the Ikea catalog and site that would work as stand-ins,” AdAge reports.

Want to shoot photos of these IKEA-flavored rooms? IKEA is planning to hold a live event in the Middle East so that people can roam around in these rooms for themselves. Dates and details of this event have yet to be announced.

And if you’d like to build one of these rooms for yourself, you can find links to the products in these pictures on the IKEA Real Life Series page.

(via IKEA via Laughing Squid)