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Focusing the Lens on a Clean Drinking Water Project in Kenya


In 2018, the NYC camera superstore Adorama sponsored 8 water tanks in collaboration with the non-profit Ubuntu Life to bring easier access to clean water to the Maasai tribe of Kenya. Photographer, Sony ambassador, and travel guide Erin Sullivan visited the country to capture the human stories of the effort and to discuss ethical travel photography.

100% of products made by the Maasai Maker Mums in Ubuntu Life directly support the women and their children, but the mothers previously walked an average of 5 miles every single day to gather water for their families.

“This daily trek for water is unfortunately a task that many women are faced with in rural parts of Kenya due to the scarcity of water,” says Ubuntu Life co-founder and Executive Director Zane Wilemon. “The goal of the trip was to create an empowering opportunity that is mutually beneficial for our Maasai Maker Mums by increasing access to water, and to get Ubuntu Life customers closer to the impact and people who are making their shoes.”

In a set of 5 videos — a part of Adorama’s “My Travel Diary” original series — Sullivan leads a group of Ubuntu supporters and photographers to meet the mothers and children of Ubuntu Life, to implement the clean drinking water, and to capture the beauty of the people, land, and culture.

Head on over to the Ubuntu Life website if you’d like to learn more about the project or purchase the products made by the Maasai Maker Mums.