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Look Through the Viewfinder of Street Photographer Nick Turpin


Well-known London street photographer Nick Turpin has started a new point-of-view video series to allow people to “come along for the ride” as he creates his work. The 17.5-minute video above is a look into how he works and things on the streets of the UK’s capital.

While most point-of-view street photography videos use a GoPro mounted to the top of the photographer’s camera to show their point of view, Turpin is directly sharing the viewfinder view of his Fujifilm X100F of what his eye actually sees.

“I have developed a system to film through the viewfinder as I work on the streets of London,” Turpin, the founder of the international street photography group iN-PUBLiC, tells PetaPixel. “I’ve never seen it done before and I think it’s the best way to teach street photography technique.”

And combined with Turpin’s commentary as he chooses settings, uses different techniques, and creates scenes, the video provides an eye-opening look into the mind of a seasoned street photographer.

A view through Turpin’s Fujifilm X100F.
One of the resulting photos created in the video.

Turpin says he’s planning to continue filming this type of point-of-view video over the coming months, and you can follow along with the series through his new YouTube channel.