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Light Teaming Up with Xiaomi Too for Multi-Camera Smartphones


Just days after announcing a new partnership with Sony, Light has announced a partnership with the Chinese electronics giant Xiaomi as well to develop new photography tech for smartphones.

Light, which calls itself “the leader in advanced computational imaging,” has been pushing into the world of smartphones after its L16 16-camera camera failed to make a splash among dedicated cameras. The company’s technology revolves around using multi-camera arrays and computational photography for improved image quality and innovative features (such as refocusing photos after they’re shot).

Under their newly signed agreement, Light and Xiaomi will “jointly develop and market new imaging solutions for smartphones,” which is what Light and Sony said they’re doing as well. But while Sony said it would be creating smartphones with “four or more” cameras, Xiaomi isn’t putting any specific number on how many cameras it’s planning to use.

But Light and Xiaomi say they’re working to bring to market multi-camera smart devices that offer “DSLR-level” capabilities.

“We are thrilled to partner with Light to leverage their advanced imaging solutions for our future devices,” says Xiaomi smartphone VP Zhu Dan. “Xiaomi works tirelessly to remain at the forefront of smartphone innovation, and perfecting smartphone photography is a key focus for us. We are excited to work on devices using Light’s technology so our users can produce even more amazing photos.”

(via GlobalNewswire via DPReview)