Picfair Becomes Fastest Growing Photography Platform & Launches New Educational Content Hub

Are you on Picfair yet? You should be. It has become the fastest growing photography platform in the world, growing from 100,000 to 400,000 photographers in the past year alone. Many are making the switch to Picfair for its industry-low 20% commission, which was even reduced to 0% during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic -- an industry first.

Picfair: The All-In-One Solution for Selling Your Photography

Online options for selling your photography are complex, unfair, and disconnected. Marketplaces can give you exposure, but most of the larger names (if they let you in) make you sacrifice pricing control, rights options, and most of your royalties -- the vast majority of the money your images generate go to them, not you.

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Journalist Quits Job, Becomes Coder, and Develops Simplistic Stock Photo Site

There's something to say about the curious nature of journalists. Some spend all of their hours researching a particular subject, others go out into the field to experience first-hand, and some others quit their job and take up coding classes.

Wait -- what?

It's true. Just ask Benji Lanyado. This once full-time Guardian writer and contributor to other publications decided to quite literally quit his day job to pursue building what he thinks is the next big thing in stock photo buying and selling.