The Basics of Equivalent Exposure in Photography

The concept of equivalent exposure can be a tricky one to wrap your mind around when you’re just getting started in photography. Photography enthusiast and animator Vincent Ledvina of Apalapse made this helpful 5.5-minute video that explains it in a simple and visual way.

“I made this video because equivalent exposures are something every photographer either needs to know for a photography course (like me) or wants to know to learn how to change settings on the fly,” Ledvina says. “Knowledge of how camera settings relate to one another is important in photography, especially when you graduate from auto mode to manual mode […]”

Ledvina also created a handy chart showing full-stop intervals of aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.

If you’d like to download the full-resolution version as a PDF for reference or to print out as a poster, you can find that here.

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