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Newborn Photographer Adds Teeth to Baby Portraits with Hilarious Results


Professional photographer Amy Haehl of Coffee Creek Studio recently put some of her newborn portraits through FaceApp to create a hilarious (if mildly unsettling) series of images titled “If Babies Had Teeth.”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this. Last year, a photographer from Texas did the same thing using YouApp. But while those photos were everyday snapshots, Haehl actually added teeth to her professional newborn images. The resulting photos combine sometimes shockingly realistic adult teeth with professional posing and the beautiful pastel colors typical of newborn photo shoots.

Some of the images are laugh-out-loud funny; others are a bit unsettling. Here’s a selection of our favorites:

Haehl originally posted the images to a Facebook album, writing, “I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. I could have gone back and done this to every single baby that has ever come in my studio.” She also clarified that she did ask the parents’ permission before sharing these portraits with the media. Click here to see the full photo album on Facebook. And if this inspires you to check out the rest of Haehl’s work, you can find that on her website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

(via WTHR)

Credits: All photographs by Amy Haehl/Coffee Creek Studio and used with permission.